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Vesta’s blog provides valuable financial insights, solutions to common problems, and access to up-to-date information on tax laws and financial regulations, ultimately helping them make informed decisions and manage their finances more effectively. Additionally, it can foster trust and a stronger client-advisor relationship while offering practical resources and access to the firm’s expertise.

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Thrive by Huberty

Thrive by Vesta, Outsourced Bookkeeping

A new business owner will learn quickly that accurate up to date financial records provide a numbers-based picture of their business. Knowing those numbers takes years, knowing how to maintain these records efficiently seems to be a low priority of most business owners. There are five good reasons to consider

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The benefits of data using thrive

The Benefits of Data at Your Fingertips

One of our team members recently told their daughter that they were older than Google. Their daughter gave them a crazy look—not sure if she thought they were THAT old or thought they were lying. For someone her age, Google has always been around. If you were born before 1989,

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4 tax law changes

Four Tax Law Changes You Should Know

How many times have you heard the phrase “everything changes?” Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn’t accept change? What if your technology department at work insisted you put everything on a floppy disc and use an Apple 2e because they didn’t learn about new technology? What

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Choosing a quality CPA

What to Know When Choosing a Quality CPA

In a world where we receive constant pressure to buy this or that, we often find ourselves lost in a maze of choices and misinformation, not knowing if the purchase is something we truly need. We spend countless hours researching products and reading reviews, bouncing from website to website to

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Evolution and importance of coaching

The Evolution & Importance of Coaching

Business coaching has roots that go back to the Greek philosopher Socrates. The “Socratic Method” of using questions to help others think clearly remains a staple of modern-day coaching. As business became more mechanized and complex in the 20th century, interest grew in learning the “secrets” of business success. Researchers

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Business Budget Basics

Six Business Budget Basics to Keep You on Track

You’ve created a budget and stuck to it for months, but an unforeseen expense threw a wrench in your plan. What do you do now? We’ve all heard of broken budgets that get thrown aside the instant they get off track. Even though all hope may seem lost, it is

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Addressing the Fear of Audit

What do most people think of when they consider the word audit? In our experience, the word primarily induces fear. After all, who wants to hear that they are being audited? In the business accounting world, an audit can conjure up feelings of anxiety because someone might check your work,

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Office setting

Five Ways to Calm the Storm of Tax Season

As tax season approaches, Vesta can sense your fears starting to build – the sweat on your brow starts to take shape and you begin to have flashbacks to high school sitting across the desk from Mr. Strickland’s crisp bowtie! As you sit waiting for your turn to head in

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