Six essential forward-looking services

Vesta’s Advisory services involve leveraging data analytics, technology, and financial expertise to provide strategic planning and insights to clients. These services go beyond traditional accounting and auditing functions and focus on helping clients make data-informed decisions to improve their financial performance and achieve their business goals. 

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Tax Planning

Avoid tax surprises

Tax planning is like a financial superpower, it helps you minimize tax implications, so you can keep more of your money to spend, save, and invest in what matters most to you. Plus, it ensures you’re following the rules and making smart moves with your cash for a brighter financial future. 

Tax Projections

A tax projection is a forecast for estimated tax liabilities due come tax filing time. We’ll work to review income, deductions, credits, and changes in tax laws to help you anticipate and plan for upcoming tax obligations accordingly.

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of Vesta Relationship Managers
are trained in Advisory

Transition Strategy

Seamless transitions with predictable success

Transition strategy is like crafting a smart game plan for your business. It is all about having a clear path to smoothly switch gears and making the most out of business’ twists and turns. 

Succession Planning

Selling your business or transferring it to family or employees is a process that is typically only done once in a lifetime. Vesta helps develop a plan for your business to continue to operate successfully no matter your exit strategy.

Certified Exit Planning Advisors

Strategic Coaching

Growth Through Innovation

Strategic Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your business life. Vesta advisors provide guidance to improve your business with goal setting and accountability. 

Strategic Plan Development

Vesta will facilitate the four steps of business strategic planning, SWOT analysis, Vision planning, Goal setting, and Action plan development. The information is then correlated and documented in a written Strategic Plan, which business owners use to guide their company.

Business Valuation

Unlocking your business' true value​

Business valuations help make informed decisions for selling, financing, planning, or legal matters. Vesta’s certified advisors meticulously combine financial data analysis and industry-specific factors, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Range of Value

Official Value Calculations and discussions help to facilitate growth strategies for small to medium sized businesses.

Certified Valuation Analysts


Data insights to power decisions

Businesses need data analytics services to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, gain a competitive edge, understand customer behavior, manage risks, and improve product development. Data analytics plays a vital role in today’s data-driven business landscape, enabling companies to leverage data for strategic advantage. 

Power BI® Development

Power BI® Development designs and builds intelligent business solutions using the Power BI® platform. It creates visuals, develops dashboards, and generates reports, transforming raw data into actionable insights. The goal is to provide interactive and visually appealing data analytics for informed decision-making.

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Better Decision-Making Data

Management Reporting

Transforming data into strategic insights

Management Reporting is like a magic, de-mystifying glass for numbers and information. Business owners use data to solve problems, make decisions and learn new things. 

Financial Analysis by Fathom™

Vesta helps clients by tracking crucial information about your company’s financial history, its current financial position, and expected short and long-term cash availability.



Facing challenges with the accuracy of its revenue and receivables records, an agricultural product manufacturer turned to Vesta for assistance.

As a direct outcome of Vesta’s Accounting and Strategy support over three years, the company achieved significant milestones, including a return to positive net profit, the payoff of their line of credit, and the establishment of a stable and reliable receivables balance.


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Our people make a difference

Vesta is a CPA-led advisory firm that is built on experience, education, growth, and development. Our advisors are experts in their fields and are constantly adding new skills and knowledge to their arsenal. These are just a few certifications held by our staff:

  • Certified Valuation Analyst (Business Valuations)
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor (Exit Planning)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Data analytics)
  • Power BI Data Analyst Associate (pl-300)
  • AICPA Member
  • Fathom Advisor Certification
Certified Valuation Analyst
Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate
Certified Fathom Advisor
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