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Meet Vesta

A CPA-led advisory firm

For over 40 years, Vesta has been helping clients discover and achieve their goals. We’re proud to be recognized as one of the top CPA firms in the country, with a team of experts dedicated to upholding the highest standards. While we remain rooted in Accounting, our horizons have broadened. Our integrated Accounting, Wealth, and Advisory offerings demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ dynamic needs. As advisors, we bring forth a vibrant, caring culture that inspires others and continues to position us as impactful community members and friends.

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Our Services





Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Transition Strategy

Strategic Coaching

Business Valuation

Data Analytics

Management Reporting

Our Markets

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We have carefully chosen each of our core markets because they are vibrant talent hubs and thriving business communities. Our commitment to these locations stems from our belief in tapping into local expertise and fostering connections with like-minded professionals.

By aligning with these dynamic regions, we position ourselves at the crossroads of innovation and collaboration, ensuring that Vesta remains at the forefront of excellence and growth. We’re not just in these markets but a product of their unique strengths and opportunities.

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Our Clients

Journey together forward.

Our ideal clients are growth-oriented entities seeking a collaborative relationship with a CPA-led advisory firm. They value our versatile approach, entrusting us with their legacy across diverse industries, including Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Real Estate, and Non-Profit. Our mission at Vesta has us focused on theirs, fostering a journey toward mutual success.

Our Team

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Our people make a difference.

At Vesta, we attract and embrace those who continue to bring Innovative, Insightful, Inclusive, and Inspirational leadership to our team. Our diverse and collaborative teams differentiate us from traditional CPA firms. We strive to positively impact each of our clients by leveraging our collective experience in our core service areas: Accounting, Wealth, and Advisory.

Meet the professionals who help our clients and team members discover and achieve their goals.
Joan Loden
Senior Operations Consultant
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Joshua TeBeest
Shareholder, Tax Service Line Leader
James D
James Draxler
Assurance Manager
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Nathan Storch
Senior Consultant
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