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Vesta’s blog provides valuable financial insights, solutions to common problems, and access to up-to-date information on tax laws and financial regulations, ultimately helping them make informed decisions and manage their finances more effectively. Additionally, it can foster trust and a stronger client-advisor relationship while offering practical resources and access to the firm’s expertise.

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Six Hurdles of Business Transitions

Nothing stays the same in life, or in business for that matter. Companies are seldom in a steady state. They are growing or declining, starting up, or being exited or transitioned to others. All business phases have challenges, but we’ve found that businesses in transition are particularly challenging. Vesta’s Advisory

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Finding the Ideal Work-Life Balance

At Vesta, we work with numerous small and mid-sized business owners. As business coaches, our consulting experts try to express the importance of a desirable goal: build a business that serves your life rather than spending your life serving your business. Many of our clients find this goal insightful but

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Staying Up to Date on Tax Law

Staying Up To Date On Tax Law

Tax laws are a changing facet of accounting. New rules and regulations happen frequently. New clients sometimes say, “my former accountant never told me that.” In those cases, they probably didn’t realize the new regulations changed and may have offered taxpayers new opportunities. You expect what you pay to get

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Business Valuations

Welcome to March! It has been a busy February for succession planning and business sales. The baby boomers that own businesses are looking to retire; most have been counting on the sale of the company to fund their retirement. We help business owners every month by providing them with certified

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What is Strategy and Coaching?

Strategy normally relates to Strategic Planning in my service area. Having a strategic plan and thinking strategically is not in every business owner’s DNA. Most of us know a small business owner that started as a technician in their industry. What makes them different than the other technicians is they

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Planning to Exit

The most valuable asset of many self-employed individuals is their business. According to the Exit Planning Institute (, approximately 4.5 million businesses, representing more than $10 trillion in value, will transition ownership over the next ten years. Yet, only 20 to 30 percent of businesses that are brought to market

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Do you have a Hybrid?

Picture yourself sitting in the dentist chair. Your dentist is likely well educated, has great chair-side manor and is up on advancement in the trade. Would you ever say to your dentist when they were done working on you…”hey, doc, I have the worst pain in my sciatica, can you

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The Moment Everything Changed

I recently received an email stating “that moment when everything changed…” You would have to be living under a boulder (not just a rock) to not be aware that everything has changed over the last 9 months. But reading this really struck me – that moment everything changed. Was it

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Vission, Mission, Accountability

Mission and Vision…Does it Even Matter?

Most Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies have a mission statement and/or a vision statement. They scatter them through annual reports and even post on the walls of their elaborate lobbies, but what is the purpose of these statements? Should my small business have them? Will my business wander aimlessly

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What is a SWOT and How Does it Help You?

A common way to start a strategic discussion or create a strategic plan is to use a simple tool that has been in board rooms and small business owners offices for years. The SWOT analysis. Although pronounced swat, as in swat a fly, this tool has nothing to do with

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Is the Accountant Stereotype Holding you Back?

Accountants are boring, hermit math nerds who come out but once a year file taxes. I’m pretty sure that one sentence summed up just about every accountant stereotype out there. Just like most stereotypes, the over-generalized belief about who an accountant is and what they do is completely wrong! Accountants

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