How to Stop Your Procrastination with Thrive by Vesta

Computer with financial information

Recently, a client told us about their procrastination. As easy as it is to laugh at or shrug off procrastination, we are all guilty of it. But why do we procrastinate? Is it because we have other more important things to do? Is it because we really don’t like the task at hand and secretly hope it will just go away? Or, is it because we don’t 100% understand what we are looking at? Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above. Thrive by Vesta, an easy to use outsourced bookkeeping service provides a solution to these tough questions.

Here is how Thrive by Vesta can tackle your procrastination issues:

  1. You put off a task because there are more important things to do – For business owners not only do they have the tasks of daily operation, but they are often the human resource department, marketing department, IT department, and bookkeeper all at the same time. So which is the most important? Outsourced bookkeeping can help business owners focus on what they do best and what they are most passionate about. Thrive by Vesta can also allow the business owner to fill an emergency personnel gap in the front office without worry.
  2. You put off a task because you don’t like it – Entrepreneurs start businesses because they are passionate about the service they provide or the product they make. Often times, excitement fades over time because what started as an exciting idea has now been overrun by administrative tasks like payroll, bookkeeping, and financials. Many business owners find themself doing more of the tasks they don’t like to do, and it causes them to lose their excitement and passion.
  3. You put off a task because you don’t understand it – The vast majority of business owners are experts in their field, but let’s be honest, computing and understanding payroll, payroll taxes, reporting, bookkeeping activity, and preparing financial statements aren’t the forte of most owners. Financial reports are just numbers to most and aren’t always relevant to the here and now. It can be difficult to make good business decisions with just the numbers. Thrive Analytics, a part of Thrive by Vesta, provides visual representations of numbers to help owners make real-time and proactive decisions that impact their business.

If you haven’t heard of Thrive by Vesta, talk to us. Allow Vesta to take procrastination head-on and help you create better efficiencies. If you’re a small business owner, start working on your business, not just in your business, and get back to what you are passionate about.

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