Is the Accountant Stereotype Holding you Back?

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Accountants are boring, hermit math nerds who come out but once a year file taxes. I’m pretty sure that one sentence summed up just about every accountant stereotype out there. Just like most stereotypes, the over-generalized belief about who an accountant is and what they do is completely wrong!

Accountants do taxes…that part of the stereotype isn’t wrong, but it is sooooo much more than tax filing. Accounting includes financial reporting, payroll, bookkeeping and even software support. All of this is a vital part of a business’s financial health, which accountants take very seriously – that’s why they spend at least 40 hours each year continuing their education.

With a staggering 80% of small businesses failing in their first 18 months of existence, it is a wonder that only 47% of new business owners say they “use an accountant.” Is it the stereotype that makes business owners think they don’t need an accountant? Is it the embarrassment of opening poorly run books to an outsider? Maybe business owners today don’t realize the mountain of knowledge accountants bring to the table.

They aren’t “math nerds” they are “strength in numbers” people who crunch figures to make sure you’re maximizing your potential. In fact, accountants ensure you get credits & deductions on your taxes, they have your back in case of an audit, they save you time and frustration, they help make important decisions and they can create a forecast that helps your business stay healthy and prosperous. A good accountant is actually a business specialist.

Boring Hermits – far from it!! Vesta accountants logged over 2,000 hours of community involvement last year. They sit on boards for local non-profits, participate in fund-raisers, and volunteer time to many civic organizations right in their communities. This means they have local roots, they understand local economies, and make it a personal goal to help local businesses thrive.

Businesses owners… don’t let that stereotype get you, it goes way beyond filing taxes, having a business specialist work with you on your business could be the make or break between becoming part of that 80%. Contact a Vesta specialist today to see how they help you create lasting financial health!

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