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Welcoming the vesta era

Invested + Data = Vesta

In 2023, our journey took a transformative turn. From being known as Huberty for more than 40 years, we evolved into Vesta—a name embodying “Invested” and “Data”. To us, ‘Vesta’ signifies not just a name change, but our commitment to forging strong, insightful relationships with you.

By understanding you better, we can tailor our services to address your most pressing needs, ensuring you receive unparalleled value. We go beyond tasks. We offer insights.

‘Vesta’ perfectly captures the essence of our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

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Discover. Achieve. Together.

Vesta’s mission, the fundamental reason for our existence, is to help our clients and team members discover and achieve their goals. We understand that fulfilling our mission hinges on deepening our relationships with clients and team members. Through these strengthened bonds, we proactively solve problems and stimulate growth.

Join Us in Our Mission

Considering joining Vesta? That’s amazing! We invite you to join, contribute, and make an impact. You can discover our mission, vision, and core values on this page. A career built around helping others that continuously grows, challenges, and gratifies is not just a dream—it’s a standard at Vesta. Visit our Careers page for more information.


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Our vision is to be a destination for innovation and inspiration for our ...
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Leading with Innovation

In this rapidly changing environment, Vesta is more than just a participant; we’re a leader driving change. Our dedication to modern solutions ensures everyone we serve stays ahead of the curve. We view challenges as opportunities and excel in transforming them into successes.

Inspiration at Every Turn

At Vesta, inspiration fuels ongoing growth. We create an atmosphere where everyone feels motivated and inspired daily, from our employees to our clients.

Core Values

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Innovative Insightful Inspirational Inclusive

Our core values, the guiding principles and beliefs that define our culture, are deeply intertwined with our commitment to clients:

Innovative: We consistently pioneer unique approaches, ensuring our clients benefit from forward-thinking solutions.

Insightful: We bring informed perspectives to every client engagement through continuous research and learning, crafting actionable strategies.

Inclusive: Emphasizing a two-way dialogue, we invite clients to share their knowledge and experiences, ensuring tailored strategies.

Inspirational: We excel as advisors and experts, we empower our clients with solutions that propel them toward greater success.

By upholding these values, Vesta aims to be an indispensable partner in our client’s journey to success.

Borderless Office

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We’re a hybrid company. Our borderless office environment allows us to work virtually from various facilities. Whether inside our facilities, remote, or a hybrid combination, the talented team members of Vesta are empowered to choose the environment that helps them perform and serve at their best.

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Proud Member of CPAmerica

CPAmerica is one of the world’s largest associations of independent CPA firms. As a proud member of CPAmerica, we have access to a network of top-tier accounting professionals, cutting-edge resources, and the latest industry insights. Through our firm’s affiliation with CPAmerica, and the Crowe Global network, we are able to offer you comparable services to anything a national firm can offer.


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