The Moment Everything Changed

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I recently received an email stating “that moment when everything changed…” You would have to be living under a boulder (not just a rock) to not be aware that everything has changed over the last 9 months. But reading this really struck me – that moment everything changed. Was it really a moment? For most business owners it was NOT a moment, it was (and still is) a menagerie of moments giving way to a roller coaster of emotions and new situations.

Employees began to use technology to work from home and clients began to use technology to buy from home – and if you weren’t already set up to do so you found yourself struggling to play catch up. So, you beefed up your technology capabilities to include new programs like Zoom or Teams, keeping your employees connected. You beefed up your website to allow for customized ordering online, keeping your clients connected. Did you consider the new technology available for outsourced bookkeeping?

Often overlooked, your bookkeeping can be simpler. Cloud based, outsourced bookkeeping services function seamlessly even during disruptions. If you used outsourced bookkeeping prior to the pandemic you probably noticed easier access to your financials and transitions. You were connected to bank & credit card statements. You were able to track expenses and cash flow and had a much clearer picture of your business finances.

A survey by Intermedia found that 57% of small business owners said they will likely maintain increased remote working options. What that means is that investing in outsourced bookkeeping services could ultimately be a long-term investment, not just something you will use until we go “back to normal.”

Having outsourced bookkeeping is not new, but modern outsourced bookkeeping software gives business owners an edge. Imagine during all the disruption having your thumb on the pulse of your business, from anywhere! You could evaluate your key performance indicators, see your financial results, assess operational cash activities and (if you are a Vesta Thrive Analytics client) collaborated with your analyst about business insights – helping you stay ahead, long-term!

Maybe the “moment everything changed” isn’t when the pandemic caused havoc to your business, maybe the “moment everything changed” is when you reach out to Vesta and embraced Thrive outsourced bookkeeping and Thrive Analytics.

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