Do you have a Hybrid?

Finance flyer with computer and poster

Picture yourself sitting in the dentist chair. Your dentist is likely well educated, has great chair-side manor and is up on advancement in the trade. Would you ever say to your dentist when they were done working on you…”hey, doc, I have the worst pain in my sciatica, can you adjust that for me?” Of course you wouldn’t, what an absurd question, right?

Laugh it up now, but too often people expect their financial advisor to give advice on taxes or on bookkeeping practices. Similarly, do you really expect to get the best investment advise from your tax accountant?

Having a financial advisor when it comes to managing your investments is smart. They help you to make informed, risk-based decisions, guiding you to achieve your financial goals. A great financial advisor not only helps with investments, but can advise on savings, budgets and insurance. While this all sounds fantastic there is a piece of your financial puzzle that is often overlooked by traditional financial advisors-which can leave you with a big surprise come tax day in April.

When Vesta decided to become a CPA based business advisory firm we literally created the ultimate personal and business advisory company. Today, clients simply demand more and are seeking better advise. If you want more from your accounting and tax advisor or are looking for a financial advisor that provides CPA based financial planning, the gold standard in financial planning, call or stop by a local Vesta office in Sheboygan, Plymouth, Fond du Lac, and Minocqua.

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