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From start-up business plans to business expansion, to personal wealth accumulation and estate management, Vesta’s planning experts are here to guide you and save you from unwelcome or unexpected surprises. Our plans help preserve business and personal wealth by recommending ways to utilize tax laws to our clients’ advantage, improving the probability for success and providing peace of mind.

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Reaching Your Goals

Vesta helps your business develop assets for tomorrow by making intelligent financial decisions today. Our wealth management team takes an integrated approach to financial planning, investment management, and tax services. Vesta is uniquely positioned to help you make consistently wise financial decisions and provide strategies and solutions that will guide you toward success.

Investment Management (CFP®)

Investment Management Service involves professional management of investment portfolios for individuals or institutions. It includes analysis, asset allocation, security selection, and risk management to optimize investment returns aligned with clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance.

Financial Planning

Holistic Approach to Personal Finance

Vesta takes an innovative approach that centers around our client’s unique financial goals. Our team helps you understand what it takes to meet your goals and works with you to ensure that your goals are on track. 

Wealth Analysis by ATS™

Wealth by ATS is designed to be accessible, educational, and engaging. Vesta Wealth Management Advisors can provide a powerful insight into your current and future situation, equipping us with the information necessary to develop effective strategies tailored to your needs. We look at investments, allocations, and risk measures that are in place or should be considered to meet your investment goals.

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Assets Serviced

Vesta recognizes that at every stage of life, your financial needs and investment goals change.
Whether you are starting your career, accumulating wealth, saving for education, preparing for retirement, or transitioning into retirement, our advisors and their team will develop a plan and help you reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

Protect the Future You've Built

Having the proper type of retirement plan for your small business can help attract and retain talent. We help you provide a solid financial foundation for your employees and owners while reducing your overall taxes. 

Retirement Plan Management (401k)

Retirement Plan Management (401k) service involves overseeing employer-sponsored retirement plans. It includes tasks such as plan setup, participant enrollment, investment selection, fee benchmarking, and employee education. The goal is to effectively manage retirement funds, maximize employee participation, and ensure regulatory compliance for retirement savings.


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Our people make a difference.

Vesta is a CPA-led advisory firm that is built on experience, education, growth, and development. Our advisors are experts in their fields and are constantly adding new skills and knowledge to their arsenal. These are just a few certifications held by our staff: 

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Personal Financial Specialist
  • Certified Public Accountant
Certified Financial Planner
CPA - PFS Personal Financial Specialist
Certified Public Accountants
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