Putting Plans Into Action

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At Vesta, our accounting firm puts a strong emphasis on the importance and benefits of Strategic Planning. Our expertise has proven time and time again that developing Strategic Plans leads to prosperity in a lot more than just profits, but in the overall financial health and longevity of a business. However, even the most detailed Strategic Plans provide no benefit without putting the plan into action.

All too often day-to-day business, especially for small and medium-sized companies, causes Strategic Plans and projects fall to the wayside due to more “immediate” calls of action. This leads to what entrepreneur and author Josh Linkner has referred to as the “Linger Trap,” where projects of great ambition and potential get lost to the great abyss of “could’ve,” “would’ve,” and “should’ve.”

Failing to put Strategic Plans into action due to the Linger Trap is common for businesses, but the fallouts are costly. In these situations, the investments of time, money, creativity, morale, equipment, and all other expenses are completely lost along with any benefits the plan had been designed to foster. At the point that an organization’s Strategic Plan ends up falling into the abyss, it becomes apparent that the organization actually would have been better off having not invested any resources into the plan at all. The Linger Trap is completely counterproductive of what a Strategic Plan’s goals are, and it is for that very reason that business owners need to ensure that their plans are thoroughly developed, put to action, and monitored to maximize their impact.

At Vesta, our Strategic Planning consultants understand the intricacies and the daily hurdles to effectively putting a Strategic Plan into action. Emergencies come up, schedules change, and meetings get rescheduled. Daily tasks, project deadlines, and customer demands push Strategic Plans further and further towards the Linger Trap. It’s a dangerous cycle that business owners need to be conscious of to ensure time, money, and resources are not wasted. Business owners also don’t want to miss out on the benefits and opportunities that were incorporated into their Strategic Plans that were never brought to fruition. 

While our accounting firm is highly experienced in developing effective, growth-fostering Strategic Plans, our clients may not be aware of the extra mile our dedicated team is willing to go to help you carry out that plan. At Vesta, we are more than just consultants; we are business partners!

If you’re struggling with keeping your new directives from falling into the Linger Trap, contact a Vesta financial consultant today. Let our accounting firm help develop a customized Strategic Plan for your business and help you put it into action!

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