Lynn Marie Zimmermann

Client Service Administrator
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I grew up in St. Cloud WI and currently live in Fond du Lac.

The Holyland has a certain work ethic that Vesta possesses.  We are like a small community working towards one common goal.

I most enjoy talking with and helping clients with their questions or issues.  Clients are our biggest asset so keeping them happy is my number one concern.


I have worked with the public for many years, so this position is the best fit. I do have an accounting background so that helps as well.

I love my job and I look forward to problem solving for both internal and external clients. The atmosphere here at Vesta is one of the best environments I have worked at.  We are a team and it does not matter if you are in Fond du Lac, Plymouth or Sheboygan, someone always has your back.


Degree: Associates Degree in Accounting from Moraine Park Technical College

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