Logan Krueger

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I grew up in North Fond du Lac.

I enjoy working in a team atmosphere not only with my coworkers but with our clients as well. Working in a team allows us to be innovative and insightful when helping our clients through the challenges. 

Some of my best attributes include and an inclusive personality and getting to know all of our employees and clients on a deeper and more personal level. 


I work with many different business types specializing in assurance services such as audits, reviews, and compilations. Working in the assurance field, I have had to present the audit results to management and/or the board of directors of a business. 

Each day I am motivated by being able to help our clients achieve their mission and their financial goals. 


Degree: Bachelors in Accounting with an emphasis in Fraud

School: Lakeland University 

Professional affiliations/Community service: 

Lighthouse Anglers Fishing Club (member), Volunteer with Lighthouse Anglers Fishing Club at the Mercury National Fishing Tournament at Walleye Weekend. 

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