Lisa Fejeran

Operations Consultant
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I grew up around and in Seattle, Washington.

At Vesta,  I like that there are so many opportunities for learning and growth! I enjoy the teamwork and humor that gets us through the busy days. Being part of a team is very motivating to me.

My best attributes include enthusiasm & humor.


I’ve had a variety of front desk and client service jobs before I started at Vesta that I have been able to draw upon to assist clients, coordinate work with my team, and creatively solve problems. I have spent most of my career in healthcare and healthcare-related fields, which has primed me to catch details and communicate clearly.

I am excited every day to laugh with my coworkers and see how everyone is doing. There is always something to learn, you just need to ask to get involved. I like being someone that my team can rely on.


Associates degree from Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Added education – I kept going back to school to try for a 4 year degree but kept changing my major and can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up.

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