Lauren Price

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I  grew up in Ripon, WI.

I feel I fit well with Vesta because I enjoy working as a team. I enjoy the collaboration of bouncing ideas off of each other to come to the best possible solution. 

My best attributes are that I am a team player. While in a group, if I notice someone not participating, I ask them directly what their thoughts are. I try to include others in my communications both from a training perspective and to keep everyone informed.


I started at Vesta right after college as a staff auditor. I knew auditing was the path for me during my internship at UW-Whitewater in the internal audit department. Over my 15 years at Vesta, I knew this was my forever home because of the people. The helping culture both towards clients and employees mirrors my personal beliefs. I have grown with Vesta from staff to shareholder and have been encouraged to keep learning and keep growing.

My family and my work family motivate me to always be better. I also want to see others within the firm grow and develop, feel proud.


Bachelors degree from UW-Whitewater

Masters degree from UW-Oshkosh

Professional affiliations/Community service:

CPA, graduated Rainmaker program

AICPA Member

WICPA Member

Advance Single Audit Certificate

Treasurer of Ripon Youth Football

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