Johnathan Paul Braker

Senior Analytics Consultant
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Born and raised in Wisconsin, with a couple of years living in Tennessee and Georgia around university and military deployments. Mostly a Fond du Lac area native, spent my first ten years growing up on the family farm in Randolph.

I like to think we are a future focused firm. Continuing to improve our value to clients as we improve and develop our services and adapt to changes in industry and technology. The firm doesn’t seem to be hung up on what the traditional way of doing things or even traditional services. I like to think I’m also future focused and willing to grow and adapt to changes in technology and industry. I like the people I work with; they aren’t too stuffy. I like to be a genuine person and feel that the firm has a desire to be genuine in the value we provide. 

I know Excel well. I’m data savvy. Humble enough to admit all the things I don’t know and own up to my mistakes. I understand operations and business processes, and how data is captured through that activity. I also understand how that data impacts financial performance. I keep my desk clean. 


My professional career started as a traditional CPA role in business accounting, tax, and some audit. Then I was recruited into operations improvement consulting, redesigning process, and best practice performance. I ended up naturally working my into data analytics as I realized that processes evolve to the level of information available. Now I focus on developing a rich information environment for the firm. So that we can make excellent decisions as efficiently as possible, and spend more time focusing on providing value to our clients. 

An impending sense of doom motivates me. A foreboding fear that the accelerating pace of change and entropy of skill relevance will one day overtake and consume me. That, and I guess I really like being able to develop data into solutions that improve decision efficiency and outcomes. I believe in the intentional pursuit of casual excellence. Why kill ourselves in the daily grind when we can design a better way to accomplish more. 


Degree: BS in Accounting

School: Marian University

Added education. Working on an MS in Data Analytics through UWW. Also have an associates degree in accounting through MPTC.

Professional affiliations/Community service:

I’ve really fallen off on community involvement since starting my master’s degree. This year the only reason I get out of the house is to practice for or compete in Precision Rifle matches through the Wisconsin Precision Rifle Challenge and national Precision Rifle Series.

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