Jessica Rose Moon

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I grew up in Malone, WI on a small beef hobby farm. Coming from a farm family, I had hard work bestowed in me from little on.   

Vesta encourages innovation and I am good at helping clients identify efficient solutions to problems them may be having their with Accounting systems.  

My goal is to be an inspirational leader to our team. My goal out of my team is to make sure everyday that they are succeeding in their career goals.  


I joined the Vesta Team after 20 years of Accounting experience working for  for-profits, non-profits and governmental agencies. This experience allowed me to be able to understand how each of these entities function on their day to day operations. This allows me to really better understand what our clients have to deal with every day within running their business. My experiences from my past I can really relate to a lot of our small businesses when I’m working with them on improving their Accounting systems or processes.   

My clients motivate me. Working with small businesses and begin able to help those small business owners succeed makes coming to work each day so much more enjoyable.  


Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Accounting 

School: Lakeland College, Cleveland WI 

Added education: Bachelor of Organizational Administration, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Professional affiliations/Community service:

Volunteer with the Cub Scout Troop 3747 out of North Fond du Lac with community events that they are involved with.   

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