Ivana Lee

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I grew up in Sheboygan, WI.

Vesta’s values of Innovation, Insightful, Inclusive, and Inspirational, align with my love for helping business owners with their accounting make it a good fit for me. 

My best attributes? Knowledgeable in QuickBooks, accounting, and payroll; approachable; caring; problem-solver.


I have been at Vesta for 8 years and over these years, I’ve built a strong relationship with our clients.  I started out helping clients with their accounting and QuickBooks but now help manage the work directly with the client and our team members.

I am motivated by client satisfaction – that I’ve made an impact on my client’s business operations and life.


Degree: Master of Professional Accountancy

School: UW-Whitewater

Professional affiliations/Community service:

Treasurer, Goodside Grocery COOP of Sheboygan

WICPA Member

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