Gabriel Olsen

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I grew up in Glenbeulah, WI where I lived with my parents, brother, and sister while going to school in Plymouth, WI. I graduated from Plymouth High School in 2018 and went to college at St. Norbert College where I was able to compete for their Cross County and Track & Field team for 4 years that I was there.

I believe I am an excellent fit for Vesta due to my strong desire for learning and willingness to embrace various challenges. My passion for learning drives me to apply the knowledge acquired during my academic journey to various work scenarios/projects I’ve been given while at Vesta. Working at Vesta has provided me with various opportunities to expand my skillset, as I have been exposed to a wide array of projects and had the chance to collaborate with the Tax, Valuation, and Thrive teams. These experiences have significantly improved my accounting and critical thinking abilities which has allowed me to grow more as a professional.

Moreover, I take great pride in my ability to work effectively within a team as I had to work with various athletes on the Cross County and Track teams while I was in school. I firmly believe that collaboration is essential for successful project outcomes, and I always strive to foster a positive and cohesive working environment. The friendly and supportive culture at Vesta has been instrumental in my personal and career development, making it an ideal fit for my professional aspirations. 

As an employee at Vesta, I believe my greatest strengths lie in my strong work ethic and friendly nature. Seeing my hard work come together as I near the completion of a project is what drives me to give my best effort until the very end. I take pride in doing my absolute best, so others can see the dedication I put into my work. Moreover, I genuinely enjoy connecting with my coworkers beyond just work-related matters. Building friendly relationships and open communication within the team not only creates a better work environment but also helps us collaborate effectively, ensuring that we deliver the best results to our clients. These qualities define my effectiveness as a Vesta team member and positively contribute to the overall success of the company.


Before joining Vesta, I was in college studying for my three majors while also competing at the collegiate level for the Cross Country and Track team. That experience taught me the value of teamwork and hard work as we balanced our studies and sports commitments. These experiences have really come into play in my role at Vesta, especially when I started as a Data Analytics Intern and then moved into a full-time position working with the tax team during Tax Season. Later on, I collaborated with the Valuation and Thrive teams, giving me a chance to experience the wide range of services Vesta provides to its clients. My college experiences helped me handle these changes and work smoothly with different teams and tasks without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. They’ve been invaluable in helping me excel in my responsibilities here at Vesta and contribute positively to the team’s success.

What drives me to do my job to the best of my abilities every day is the simple fact that I always want to give my all. I don’t like doing things halfway, so I make sure to go over everything I work on before I consider it done. It’s essential for me to cover all the bases and not leave anything behind. If I feel like I didn’t give my best effort, I get a bit upset with myself. But you know what? I see those moments as chances to learn and grow. I take responsibility for any mistakes I might make, and I do my best to learn from them, so I don’t repeat them in the future. That’s what keeps me motivated – the drive to keep improving and giving it my all in everything I do.


Degree: Majors in Accounting, Computer Science, and Finance

School: St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI

Added education: Certified Fathom Advisor, QuickBooks Online Certified

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