Ethan Diederich

Senior Consultant
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I grew up in St Peter, Wisconsin.

Vesta is a good fit for me because I am hard working and have the ability to engage and work well with the Vesta team in all our core service areas.

My best attributes? Being optimistic, outgoing and adaptable.


I have roughly 2 years experience as an intern and full time consultant, I think this directly correlates to the vast responsibilities at the firm as being newly out of school and starting full time I think getting a wide variety of knowledge is extremely important and I like to describe myself as a multi-tool. I have certain aspects such as tax and payroll that the majority of my time is focused on but am also versed in other areas and can help pull others in from other core areas to help assist or take the lead if needed. 

I really enjoy seeing how Vesta is involved in the community and love helping local business improve and thrive which directly correlates to keeping the community as great as it is.


Degree- Associates Degree- Accounting 

School- Moraine Park Technical College

Added education- Continuing Education – Finance UW Oshkosh

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