Carly Murphy

Wealth Management Senior Operations Consultant
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I grew up in Fond du Lac.

I am an attentive, reliable, and intuitive. I am a good listener and pay attention to the needs and wants of clients outside of the reasons for their visits. I enjoy being a leader and reliable source for my team with our operations and processes. I like to learn new things and enjoy integrating new processes to make our work lives a bit easier. 


Prior to Vesta, my professional experience was in the customer service industry. I was everything from a hairstylist, vet assistant, bartender, waitress, horse handler, photographer, and pet sitter. Vesta saw my ability to adapt and introduced me to the corporate world as a CSA. My experience in high volume/ fast paced environment got me through the 2020/2021 tax seasons, office move, and eventually onboard into our wealth management team. 

My experience as a CSA provided me with the tools and self-discipline to head the operations and processes of our department along with assisting Eric Gurholt and his clients with their daily needs.

Our clients come to us for reliable and consistent service and that motivates me. 


Degree Associates

School UWO

Added education Cosmetology from Aveda IBW

Professional affiliations/Community service:

I am a photographer and to give back to my community I offer donation based sessions for pet parents who are nearing their final days with their furry family members.

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