Brian Lehn

Technology Senior Consultant
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Role and Expertise:
As a technology senior consultant, Brian values Vesta’s forward-thinking approach to technology and its team of professional and engaging individuals.

Professional Background:
Brian was raised on his family farm in Decatur, Illinois and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Additionally, he completed dual degrees in Information Technology – Technical Support Specialist and Information Technology – Network Specialist from Moraine Park Technical College. Brian combines his communication skills with IT expertise to provide support and technical guidance.

Key Accomplishments:
Brian excels in offering technical training and guidance while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor. He thrives on collaborating with others to enhance technical knowledge and expertise.

Client Relationships: Combining strong communication skills with IT expertise, Brian fosters an open and collaborative environment where clients and team members feel comfortable discussing technological challenges. His friendly demeanor and commitment to satisfaction build trust and confidence in Vesta’s technology department.

Personal Interests or Hobbies:
Outside of work, Brian actively contributes to the community by serving on the United Way committee to raise funds and awareness.

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