Tiffany Born

Senior Consultant
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I grew up in  Plymouth, WI.  I aspire to be innovative in the work I do by having an open eye which can lead to positive client opportunities, and I am willing to help others, whether a client or another employee. 


I was fortunate to grow up living on a hobby farm where I was able to spend time with my family successfully showing horses across the country and later showing beef cattle. Being involved in the agriculture industry has given me firsthand knowledge on different perspectives of business owners, which helps me when working with different clients at Vesta. Being that showing animals was my forte, I learned at a very young age that minute details of small tasks effects the large picture and you can’t expect to not work with your animal, then have it be successful on show day. While working on clients books, I put those same concepts to use. I ensure that the monthly tasks are completed accurately and issues are worked through before year end. If we wait until tax day, the likelihood of success is minimal. 

Having clients that expect our best and wanting to provide them with the best work possible keeps me going every day. 


Accounting and Business Administration with an emphasis in supply chain from UW- Platteville

Professional affiliations/Community service:

Eastern Wisconsin Beef Producers and Promoters

Coaching 4-H and FFA members with their livestock

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